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APTI - 16th Annual National Convention
 Professor T.R. Bhardwaj and Professor R.S.R. Murthy
 I.S.F. College of Pharmacy, Moga

APTI-16th Annual National Convention was organized at I.S.F. College of Pharmacy, Moga from 7 to 9 October, 2011. The inaugural Ceremony was held on 7 October, 2011 at 4:00 p.m. in Shri Baldev Krishan Memorial Auditorium. Professor S.S. Gill, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Faridkot was the Chief Guest and Professor P.G. Yeole, President, Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India presided over the convention. 

Shri Parveen Garg, Chairman, I.S.F. College of Pharmacy, welcomed the dignitaries, invited speakers, chairpersons of the scientific sessions, guests and participants. He thanked the Central Council of APTI and said that we are honoured to host APTI-16th Annual National Convention at I.S.F. College of Pharmacy, Moga. Professor R.K. Goyal, Director, gave a brief introduction about the I.S.F. College of Pharmacy. 

The detail of the programme regarding APTI-16th Annual National Convention was given by Professor T.R. Bhardwaj, Organizing Secretary and theme of the convention was highlighted by Professor R.S.R. Murthy, Chairman, Local Organizing Committee. 

Professor S.S. Gill in his address highlighted the importance of pharmacy education and said that there is need for regular upgradation of curriculum to keep pace with the development of pharmaceutical industry. He appreciated the efforts made by I.S.F. College of Pharmacy and Local Organization Committee for this mega event for the teachers of pharmacy of India. 

Professor P.G. Yeole in his presidential address stressed upon the role of APTI and its efforts in conducting such programmes for the development of pharmacy teachers in general and ultimately status and upliftment of the pharmacy profession.  

In the most prestigious APTI Award Ceremony following awards were given: 

Professor V.K. Kapoor, G.H.G. Khalsa College of Pharmacy, Gurusar Sadhar was honoured with the APTI-Shri Bhojraj Panjamool Lifetime Achievement Award for his remarkable contribution to the profession of pharmacy education over the last five decades. Professor B.M. Reddy, G. Pulla Reddy College of Pharmacy, Hyderabad was given Principal of the Year award. Dr Pratima Arun Tatke, C.U.Shah College of Pharmacy, Mumbai was conferred with Dr (Mrs) Manjusree Pal Memorial Award for the Best Pharmaceutical Scientist. Young Pharmacy Teacher Award was conferred on Dr Anil Kumar, UIPS, Chandigarh and Dr Veeresh Prabhakar Veerapur, Sree Siddaganga College of Pharmacy, Tumkur. 

Dr Harkishan Singh, Professor Emeritus, Panjab University, delivered the Distinguished Inaugural Lecture on, “Indian Drug Discoveries and their Fate”. Dr Singh in his presentation gave a stock of Indian Drug Discoveries made at the National Laboratories, Universities, Research Centers and Industrial Houses during the last five decades. He said that although India has made a significant and satisfactory contribution in the drug discoveries but due to lack of interest in the drug discovery programmes of the Indian Companies and support from the medical professionals, Indian drug discoveries have not achieved the desired status as compared to the multinationals and western countries. He also emphasized the importance of patenting and commercialization of drug discovery research in India. 

Professor A.N. Kalia, Co-Chairman, LOC proposed the vote of thanks. 

The first symposium was held on 8 October, 2011 on, “Global Status of Pharmacy Education and Current Status in India”, chaired by Professor V.K. Kapoor.. Professor S.K. Kulkarni, Bombay College of Pharmacy and Professor B.G. Nagavi, were the speakers. Professor S.K. Kulkarni gave an overview of the current status of pharmacy education in India and categorically discussed the reasons for the short fall in pharmacy education. He also suggested ways and means of improving pharmacy education, specifically bridging gap between education and expectations of the industry. 

Professor B.G. Nagavi, Dean, Pharmacy in RAK Medical and Health Sciences University, UAE compared the status of pharmacy education in Middle East with the Indian universities. He highlighted in his speech the need for continuous assessment and evaluation system for both students and teachers. He also expressed need for improvement in quality of teachers in India by continuous upgradation and assessment process. 

Gaud, Dean Pharmacy, NMIMS, Mumbai. Professor Gaud in his speech deliberated on regulatory perspectives of pharmacy education in India and role of PCI, AICTE, and universities in regulating and improving the standards. In his presentation he suggested the need for the Combined Council Committee in association with the universities to bring out common course structure and curriculum for pharmacy education. He also highlighted that the revision of the curriculum should become a regular event to keep pace with progress. 

The second symposium on 8 October, 2011 was on,” Pharmacy Education in India: How far is Successful?” / “The Assessment of Success of Pharmacy Education in the past five decade?. The session was chaired by Professor V.K. Dixit, Sagar and Professor R.K. Khar, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi. 

Professor S.P. Vyas, one of the speaker of this symposium, highlighted the reasons for the decline of interest of students entering into pharmacy in comparison to medicine and engineering. He gave a call for the students, a positive outlook and informed about various fields of pharmacy which have opened up many opportunities for the graduates. He also addressed the need for adopting convergence of science and looking for new applications in pharmaceutical sectors. 

The next speaker, Dr P.G. Shrotriya, Pharma Consultant, Mumbai, gave the view of the industrial progress and increase in the gap between the progress of education and industrial sector. Dr Shrotriya with his rich experience both in industries and in academics, called for the need for applicative pharmacy education backed by practical experience to improve standard of pharmacy graduate and to make them suitable for jobs in industries. 

Professor G.P. Shrivastava Memorial Lecture of this symposium was given by Professor N. Udupa, Manipal. He enlisted the need for increasing the clinical pharmacy subjects at graduate level and also clinical orientation of the B.Pharm. Course. The KLE Oration Lecture was delivered by Professor M.D. Burande, on the subject “Positive Attitude: Right Prescription for Success.” In his inspiring and motivating lecture he presented the need for the development of positive attitude among pharmacy graduates and gave large number of examples of success stories of personalities in order to motivate the students for their better future. 

In the evening Cultural programme was organized. Hon’ble P.S. Gill, IPS, Advisor Home, Govt of Punjab, was the Chief Guest and Shri Ashok Singla, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Moga presided over the function. The programme started with Ganapati Vandana followed by colorful cultural events. All the items presented in the cultural evening were highly appreciated by the audience.  

The last symposium was held 9 October, 2011on, “How to make Pharmacy Course more Relevant?” was chaired by Professor T.R. Bhardwaj and Professor A.N. Kalia. Dr M.N.A. Rao, Dr Shivprakash Rathnam, Mr R.Raghu and Dr Raj Vaidya were the speakers. 

Dr M.N.A. Rao, Hyderabad, informed that the global recognition and expansion of the Indian Pharma Industries is on account of its contribution in the bulk drugs, however, there is hardly any course work related to the process chemistry. Therefore, we should incorporate process chemistry as one of the core subjects at post graduate level so that our students could avail opportunities in this area. He also highlighted the importance of stereochemical aspects of the drugs taking into consideration that two third of the existing drugs are chiral. In addition he also stressed upon the lab and industrial safety aspects in curriculum. 

Dr Shivprakash, Synchron, Ahmedabad, laid emphasis on the opportunities in Clinical Research and stressed upon that our curriculum should be clinical research oriented so that the trained man power is made available to the CROs. 

Mr R. Raghu, Schrodinger, Hyderabad, in his presentation emphasized upon the role of computer aided drug designing discoveries and development. He highlighted the contribution of molecular modeling and docking with respect to drug receptor interactions and drug development. 

Finally Mr Raj Vaidya, Goa, in his talk, gave an account of the opportunities in community pharmacy for the pharmacy graduates. 

7th APTI Annual National Convention Goa Commemorative Lecture was chaired by Professor P.R. Vavia, UICT, Mumbai and Dr Naresh Kumar, NIPER, was the speaker. Dr Naresh deliberated on, “Need for Creation of Pharma Edu Version 2.0”. He stressed upon the significance of IT related issues such as IPR, Patenting, Medical Writing etc. and suggested that we should incorporate IT related contents in B.Pharm. and M.Pharm. curriculum so that our students could avail the numerous opportunities available in these sectors of the multi-national companies. He also suggested that government agencies should also be approached to include B.Pharm. and M.Pharm. qualifications in the national competitive examinations. In addition,he suggested that the suitability of M.Pharm. in the national research scientific agencies such as CSIR, ICMR, ICAR, etc. should also be got approved so that our bright students can also share national scientific responsibilities and contribute to the development of the nation. 

Dr G. Bagavant Memorial Lecture was delivered by Professor S.Y. Gabhe, Pune on, “Role and Status of Herbal Medicines in Health Care and their Standardization” which was chaired by Professor V. Madhavan and Professor K.S. Rajesh. 

54th IPC Pune Commemorative Lecture was chaired by Professor S.Dhaneshwar, Pune and Professor A.K. Nanda, Rohtak. The lecture was delivered by Professor Kishore S. Jain, Sinhgad College of Pharmacy, Pune on, “Increasing Horizon of Pharmacy Education”. In his talk Dr Jain stressed upon the need of the hour to reframe pharmacy education so that our students are taught and trained as per need of the industry, IT sector and clinical research, where job opportunities are tremendous. 

The poster sessions were held on 8 and 9 October pertaining to the following sections: 

  • Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Technolgy
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Pharmacology, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics, Bio-availbilty
  • Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, Biotechnolgy
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Assurance
  • Pharmaceutical Education, Professional and Hospital Pharmacy

More than six hundred papers were presented in the poster sessions. Among the selected 12 top posters three best paper were given cash prizes of rupees ten thousand, five thousand and three thousand, respectively. 

Valedictory function of the APTI-16th Annual National Convention was held on 9 October in the afternoon. Dr Buta Singh, Dean, Academics, Punjab Technical, University was Chief Guest. Dr B. Singh in his talk highlighted the contribution of pharmacy education in the pharmacy profession and its service to the society. Professor T.R. Bhardwaj, Organizing Secretary, summed up the events and outcomes of the APTICON-2011. Best poster awards were given by the Chief Guest. Professor R.S.R Murthy proposed vote of thanks. 

The much awaited APTICON-2011 at I.S.F. college of Pharmacy Moga is over but it will remain as one of the ever memorable convention of the Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India. 

The Association with its publications is a good sounding board for bouncing avantGarde ideas of the members in the academic field. These can be newer teaching methodologies, fabrication of tools, Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD) and other computer applications, industry-academic interaction, academia-hospital interaction, etc. We are proud of the fact that many of the goals have already been reached but still more are to be achieved. The effort of the association has been highly appreciated.

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